October 02, 2023

Alabama Boss & Ashla Taylor Try The WILDEST Jerky On The Planet | Jerk It

Join Alabama Boss & Ashla Taylor for the wildest jerky taste test you’ve ever seen! They’re diving in deep into exotic jerkies, from shark to tarantula, and, yep, even testicles! These are undeniably some of the craziest varieties of jerky you’ll ever see, but are they actually good?! Enjoy the bold flavors, savor the bold […]

Ask a Southern Girl: Tattoos, Man Buns, and Dating Etiquette

​Southern girls Amanda and Ashla are diving into their thoughts on men. Will you agree with their opinions? #1: Tattoos ​A man covered in tattoos or a full sleeve? Amanda thinks tattoos on a man are so sexy if done right. It depends on the tattoo placement, design, and meaning for her. A stupid design, […]