June 16, 2024

4 Fishing Hacks to Add to Your Tackle Box

Here are some of Ashla’s favorite fishing hacks to use when you’re out on the water:

  1. Lemon Juice Bobber: Sometimes when using live bait or targeting larger species like catfish, having a big bobber helps from getting pulled down easily. Using a lemon juice container, pop off the top, wrap your line around the neck, put the cap back on, and voila! It’s not only highly visible, but surprisingly cheaper than an oversized bobber you’d find at the store.
  2. Soak Your Line in Warm Water: If you haven’t changed your line in a while, you’ll notice that when you go to cast, it ends up looking like a perm from the 1980s. A simple fix to eliminate this curl is to soak your line in warm water. It doesn’t have to be very hot. You can even use a bottle of water that’s just been sitting in your car if that’s what you have handy. This will help soften and remove the curls from your line making it easier to cast while increasing your distance.
  3. Safety Pin Hook Organizer: Keep a few safety pins in your tackle box. You’ll be surprised how useful safety pins can be. First off, it makes for a great hook organizer. Pass the needle through all the hook eyes, close it up, and you’ve got yourself a little string of hooks. This will also work well in a survival kit where space is limited.
  4. Broken Rod Tip Safety Pin Hack: Another great reason to keep safety pins on hand is because it makes for a great eye replacement for a broken rod tip. At the looped end of the safety pin, slightly bend the eye to your desired angle and cut off the opposite end of the safety pin giving you two legs to attach to your pole. Use a piece of tape or some fishing line to attach the eye and you’re good to keep fishing!

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