March 03, 2024

How This Tactical Flashlight Defied The Odds | Rated Red Approved

Join Alabama Boss in this episode of Rated Red Approved as he puts the Inforce Tactical Flashlight to the ultimate test. Known for its “military grade” and “tactical” features, Boss shares the incredible story behind why this flashlight has earned the Rated Red Approved stamp.

In this candid review, Alabama Boss recounts the time he thought he lost the Inforce Tactical Flashlight while chasing an armadillo. Little did he know, this flashlight had a survival story of its own. Months later, Boss stumbled upon something glowing on a hillside next to a creek, only to discover his Inforce light – not just intact, but having survived being run over multiple times! Discover the durability and toughness of the Inforce Tactical Flashlight firsthand as Alabama Boss shares his experience. From being buried in dirt to enduring the weight of an ATV, this flashlight proves its mettle in the most challenging conditions.

Of course, every product has its pros and cons. Alabama Boss highlights the only drawback he found with the Inforce Tactical Flashlight – the use of C-123 batteries, which may not be the cheapest option. Despite this inconvenience, Boss firmly stands by his recommendation for this tactical flashlight. So, if you’re in need of a reliable and durable flashlight that can withstand the unexpected, look no further.

Click the link below to explore the Inforce Tactical Flashlight and see why it’s both “Rated Red Approved” and “Alabama Boss Approved.” Don’t miss out on this rugged piece of gear that’s sure to light up your adventures! 👉 Check out the Inforce Tactical Flashlight here:

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