June 16, 2024

Alabama Boss Takes on Seltzers

Looking for an honest and entertaining seltzer review? Well Alabama boss is back with another Craft Brew Review! In today’s video, Alabama Boss is taking on a variety of seltzers, giving his brutally honest opinions.

From Mountain Dew Baha Blast to Simply Spiked Strawberry Lemonade, Alabama Boss tries them all and gives his ratings.

He starts off with Mountain Dew Baha Blast pleasantly surprised stating that he would sneak it into a concert. He then tries the Fresca Mixed and was not too impressed. Next is the Sunny D Vodka Seltzer. He said it tasted nothing like Sunny D. Now for the Simply Strawberry Lemonade which was not a show stopper for him either. He then tries The Beast Unleashed Monster Seltzer which did not have a great start because of it’s smell, but he ended up saying it was not bad. Finally, he tries the Sonic Cherry Limeade Hard Seltzer which was overall the worst. Overall, the Baja Blast won by a landslide!

Be sure to check out the video to see Alabama Boss React!

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