June 16, 2024

Alabama Boss Tries Celebrity Beers | Craft Brew Review

Alabama Boss is back with another episode of Craft Brew Review. This time, he’s trying six celebrity beers to see which is the best. Does their celebrity status mean that they’ll be able to make a good quality beer? Let’s see what Alabama Boss thinks.

Neon Leon Light American Lager from Kings of Leon

​This band’s beer comes from Tennessee and is a light American lager. Just from looking at the can, Alabama Boss has high expectations. After tasting it, Alabama Boss says that it’s really light and decides that it’s a good beer. It could use a little more flavor, but he could easily drink a lot of these.

Landshark Lager from Jimmy Buffet

​This Landshark lager is from Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. It’s an island style lager. Alabama Boss didn’t know that this was a celebrity beer and said he’s tried it before and wasn’t a fan. However, after trying again, he decides that this is also a good beer. 

Broken Skull American Lager from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

​This is wrestler Steve Austin’s American lager. With 4.8% alcohol and brewed in Connecticut, Alabama Boss is willing to give it a try. It has a little more flavor than the others so far, and Alabama Boss puts it above Jimmy Buffet’s beer. His only critique? It should have a different can design.

Boozy Iced Tea from Too Turnt Tony

​This is from Too Turnt Tony and is 5% alcohol. It’s very easy to drink and would be simple to chug. Alabama Boss tastes a hint of lemon and said it’s hard to even believe that there’s alcohol in it because it’s so smooth.

Gratis Summer Ale from Jay Cutlter

​This beer is from football player Jay Cutler. It has 4.2% alcohol, is out of Nashville, and is only made with four ingredients: yeast, hops, grain, and water. Alabama Boss is hopeful! At first glance, it has a good color. After a taste test, Alabama Boss confirms that it’s really good!

Saison 13 from Megadeth

​This is a pale amber beer, and it has 6.1% alcohol. Alabama Boss doesn’t have the highest hopes for it. He expected it to be hoppy and bad, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. He doesn’t hate it and would recommend it to craft beer enthusiasts. The flavor and the aroma don’t match, but he feels that it’s a very drinkable craft beer. 

Final Ranking

​Alabama Boss liked all the beers and could drink them all, but he did determine his favorite: Gratis Summer Ale. His order would be Summer Ale, Broken Skull, Kings of Leon, Margaritaville, and Megadeth. He left out the Boozy Iced Tea since it wasn’t really a beer.

​What do you think? Do you agree with Alabama Boss’s opinions? Will you give these celebrity beers a try? Let us know!

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