June 16, 2024

Alabama Boss Tries Every Pretzel Flavor

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Alabama Boss and Ashla Taylor are back. Join your favorite duo on a taste adventure as they explore the texture, bold flavors, and unique combinations offered by Pop Daddy Pretzels. From the mouth-watering Yellow Mustard to the fiery Hot Sauce, they sample each flavor and share their honest opinions. Which flavors will make it to the top of their list, and which will leave them craving more?

0:00 – Intro

0:23 – Yellow Mustard

0:54 – Peppercorn Ranch

1:38 – Beer Cheese

2:35 – Dill Pickle

3:28 – Hot Sauce

4:24 – Smoked Gouda

5:12 – Mexican Street Corn

5:55 – Garlic Parmesan

6:43 – Cinnamon Sugar

7:16 – Top 3 Rankings

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