May 27, 2024

Dusty Slay & Brian Bates Face Fiery Chicken Challenge | Nashville Hot

Get ready to laugh until you cry (or sweat) as comedian Dusty Slay takes on the fiery challenge of Nashville hot chicken in this hilarious episode of Nashville Hot! Joined by fellow standup comedian Brian Bates, the duo embarks on a culinary adventure to Hattie B’s, where they sample hot chicken from “Mild” all the […]

Ever Seen A Man Lose It Over A Blender? | Chimichurri Recipe

Join Carey Bringle, Peg Leg Porker’s maestro, in this sizzling episode as he unveils the secrets behind his mouth-watering Chimichurri recipe. Fresh herbs, spices, and Peg Leg Porker’s humor make the perfect blend for today’s adventure! Watch as Carey battles a stubborn blender, turning malfunctions into laughs. 🔧 Red wine vinegar, garlic, and olive oil […]

Alabama Boss vs. 999,999 Scoville Hot Sauce! | Elijah’s Xtreme Review

Get ready for a fiery adventure as Alabama Boss dives into a lineup of hot sauces from Elijah’s Xtreme in this sizzling hot sauce review! From mild to wild, Boss explores a range of heat levels, from 1,500 Scoville to a blistering 999,999 Scoville. Join Alabama Boss as he takes on each sauce with gusto, […]

What Women ACTUALLY Want for Valentine’s Day | Ask A Southern Girl

Welcome back to “Ask a Southern Girl” with your hosts Amanda Mertz and Ashla Taylor! In today’s episode, Amanda and Ashla take on the challenge of guessing the top 5 things men and women want for Valentine’s Day, based on a survey by YouGov. Get ready for some hilarious banter as they navigate through the […]

Peg Leg Porker’s ULTIMATE BBQ Nachos | Leftover Makeover

Join pitmaster Carey Bringle of Peg Leg Porker in this mouth-watering episode of “Leftover Makeover”. Today, Carey transforms leftover pulled pork into the ultimate BBQ Nachos. Don’t miss out on the flavor-packed goodness – watch the full video now and let Carey show you how to turn leftovers into a BBQ masterpiece! Carey demonstrates how […]

Steakhouse or Gay Bar? Ultimate Showdown with Alabama Boss & Ashla Taylor!

Use code RATEDRED for 20% off Sunday Scaries. Get ready for an epic showdown! Alabama Boss and Ashla Taylor are bringing you the ultimate challenge in today’s video – “Steakhouse or Gay Bar?” In this hilarious and unpredictable game, Boss and Ashla go head-to-head as they’re presented with the names of real establishments. The catch? […]

Boss & Ashla Try The STRAIGHT FIRE Anthem Jerky Challenge

Use code RED15 for 15% off your order at Anthem Snacks. Alabama Boss and Ashla Taylor take on the scorching “Straight Fire” Anthem Jerky Challenge in this epic showdown! Join Ashla and Boss as they dive into a bag of Anthem’s spiciest jerky, featuring Carolina Reaper, Scorpion, and Ghost Pepper. The catch? They can’t take […]

Alabama Boss vs. Brown Bag MYSTERY Challenge | Craft Brew Review

Alabama Boss is high on life! Or maybe it’s Sunday Scaries. Use code RATEDRED for 20% off your order. Get ready for a wild ride as Alabama Boss dives into the world of affordable brews in this special Brown Bag Edition of Craft Brew Review! After the holiday season has left us all a little […]

UNCENSORED: Brown Bag Special

Thanks for watching the UNCENSORED cut of this video! Boss says all kinds of crazy s***. Craft Brew Review : Brown Bag Special with Alabama Boss | Cheap Booze Under $5 Alabama Boss is high on life! Or maybe it’s Sunday Scaries. Use code RATEDRED for 20% off your order. Get ready for a wild […]

Dusty Slay Tries Nashville’s HOTTEST Chicken | Series Premiere

Experience the fiery world of Nashville’s famous hot chicken with comedian Dusty Slay in the first episode of “Nashville Hot,” a new original series exclusively available on Rated Red. Join Dusty and special guest, fellow stand-up comedian Aaron Weber, as they embark on a culinary adventure to Party Fowl.