May 27, 2024

Boss & Ashla Try The STRAIGHT FIRE Anthem Jerky Challenge

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Alabama Boss and Ashla Taylor take on the scorching “Straight Fire” Anthem Jerky Challenge in this epic showdown!

Join Ashla and Boss as they dive into a bag of Anthem’s spiciest jerky, featuring Carolina Reaper, Scorpion, and Ghost Pepper. The catch? They can’t take a single sip of anything to cool down the heat! Things get seriously intense as they battle through the searing sensations, and the results are absolutely hilarious. And here’s a special treat for our Rated Red viewers – get an exclusive 15% discount by using the code RED15 when you grab your own bag of Anthem Jerky!

Will they conquer the challenge, or will the Straight Fire prove too much to handle? And stay tuned for more challenges, exclusive discounts, and uncensored content by subscribing to the Rated Red newsletter. Alabama Boss is even taking home some exclusive merchandise, like the mug featured in the video!

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