June 15, 2024

How A Simple Dog Training Hobby Became a Business Sensation | Crafted

Southern Oak Kennels: Where Passion Meets Expertise

In the picturesque town of Guntown, Mississippi, a haven for dog enthusiasts and aspiring hunters has been crafted at Southern Oak Kennels. This episode of “Crafted,” presented by Renasant, provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the world of Barton Ramsey, the visionary owner of Southern Oak Kennels. From a casual dog lover to the proprietor of a thriving dog training empire, Barton’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

At the heart of Southern Oak Kennels is a deep passion for breeding and training British Labrador Retrievers. Barton Ramsey, the driving force behind this venture, shares his story with Amanda Mertz. It all began with Maggie, his first Labrador, who ignited the spark that led him to transition from a different career to the world of dog training.

Southern Oak Kennels specializes in bringing Labrador Retrievers from Europe, specifically England, Ireland, and Scotland. The kennel produces exceptional puppies tailored for hunting, search-and-rescue missions, and service dog purposes. What started as a hobby quickly transformed into a full-fledged business, driven by Barton’s dedication to the craft and a commitment to excellence.

Beyond breeding, Southern Oak Kennels offers a comprehensive training program. Puppies start their journey at 8 weeks, focusing on socialization and positive experiences. As they grow, the training intensifies, incorporating basic obedience, retrieve exercises, and intricate retriever training techniques. The goal is not just to create skilled hunting companions but also cherished family members.

What sets Southern Oak Kennels apart is their unwavering commitment to quality. Every breeding decision is made with precision, ensuring that the lineage boasts trainability and excellence. Moreover, Southern Oak Kennels fosters a unique sense of community. Owning an “SOK dog” isn’t merely a transaction; it’s an entry into a supportive, dog-loving community. Through online communities and real-world experiences, owners get to share their dogs’ growth, creating a bond that extends far beyond the kennel.

For Barton Ramsey, the most rewarding aspect of owning Southern Oak Kennels is the profound impact his dogs have on people’s lives. Whether it’s a child finding their best friend or a hunter discovering an unparalleled hunting companion, these canine connections create meaningful experiences. The joy of witnessing the bond between the dogs and their families fuels Barton’s passion and dedication every day.

Southern Oak Kennels isn’t just a place where dogs are bred and trained; it’s a sanctuary where passion meets expertise, and where dreams of exceptional hunting dogs and beloved family pets come true. Thanks to Barton Ramsey’s vision and the dedicated team at Southern Oak Kennels, a legacy of excellence continues to thrive, enriching lives one Labrador at a time. This Crafted episode illuminates not just the craft of dog training but also the boundless love and dedication that make Southern Oak Kennels a true haven for dogs and their owners alike.

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