April 17, 2024

How To Make Chargrilled Oysters with Peg Leg Porker

Chargrilled oysters are a popular seafood dish that originated in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are typically served as an appetizer, and are made by topping freshly-shucked oysters with a mixture of butter, garlic, herbs, and breadcrumbs, and then grilling them over an open flame until they are cooked through and lightly charred. In this episode, you’ll get a special look at Peg Leg Porker’s very own recipe straight from his cookbook BBQ For Dummies.

The first step in preparing chargrilled oysters is to shuck them. This can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but with a little practice, it’s not too difficult. To shuck an oyster, you’ll need an oyster knife, which is a short, sturdy blade with a pointed tip. Hold the oyster in one hand, flat side up, and insert the tip of the knife into the hinge at the base of the shell. Twist the knife to pry the shell open, and then slide the blade along the inside of the top shell to cut the muscle that attaches it to the oyster. Remove the top shell and discard it, being careful not to spill any of the oyster liquor inside. Once you have shucked your oysters, it’s time to prepare the topping.

Peg Leg’s Topping Mixture (for 12 oysters):

(2) sticks salted butter

1/2 cup minced garlic

1/2 cup chopped chives

juice of (1) lemon

After the topping mixture is combined in a food processor, continue with the rest of the recipe as follows.

  1. Preheat grill to 250 degrees
  2. On a baking sheet, spread the rock salt evenly.  Set aside
  3. Place shucked oysters on the baking sheet in the rock salt, shell side down. The texture of the salt holds the oysters’ odd shape without spilling the contents.
  4. Pour the lemon juice over the oysters.
  5. Place the oysters on the indirect heat side of the grill.
  6. Add wood chips to the grill, and let the oysters smoke for 5 minutes
  7. Add a spoonful of the butter mixture to each oyster.
  8. Move the baking sheet over direct heat and broil for 5 minutes
  9. Remove from the heat when the oysters are sizzling.
  10. Sprinkle with parsley flakes, and serve sizzling hot.

These babies come out so delicious and decadent and are perfect for a special occasion or a fancy dinner party. They are also surprisingly easy to make, so don’t be intimidated by the shucking process – with a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! For more easy BBQ recipes from the Peg Leg Porker himself, order his book BBQ For Dummies.

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