June 16, 2024

Dusty Slay & Chelcie Lynn “Fear Da’ Reaper” | Nashville Hot

Dusty Slay, joined by internet personality, comedian, and actress Chelcie Lynn, also known as Trailer Trash Tammy, embark on a culinary adventure at Lilly’s Hot Chicken in the Nashville Farmers Market. Chelcie is a Mukbang pro, so watch as she shares tips for eating on camera with Dusty. They brave the heat, share hilarious banter, […]

Dusty Slay & Brian Bates Face Fiery Chicken Challenge | Nashville Hot

Get ready to laugh until you cry (or sweat) as comedian Dusty Slay takes on the fiery challenge of Nashville hot chicken in this hilarious episode of Nashville Hot! Joined by fellow standup comedian Brian Bates, the duo embarks on a culinary adventure to Hattie B’s, where they sample hot chicken from “Mild” all the […]

Dusty Slay Tries Nashville’s HOTTEST Chicken | Series Premiere

Experience the fiery world of Nashville’s famous hot chicken with comedian Dusty Slay in the first episode of “Nashville Hot,” a new original series exclusively available on Rated Red. Join Dusty and special guest, fellow stand-up comedian Aaron Weber, as they embark on a culinary adventure to Party Fowl.