June 16, 2024

Dusty Slay Tries Nashville’s HOTTEST Chicken | Series Premiere

Experience the fiery world of Nashville’s famous hot chicken with comedian Dusty Slay in the first episode of “Nashville Hot,” a new original series exclusively available on Rated Red. Join Dusty and special guest, fellow stand-up comedian Aaron Weber, as they embark on a culinary adventure to Party Fowl.

In this mouth-watering episode, Dusty and Aaron explore the different heat levels of Nashville hot chicken, starting from the classic Southern Fried to the scorching Poultrygeist. Along the way, they share anecdotes, discuss their roots in Alabama, and delve into the cultural phenomenon of Nashville’s hot chicken.

Get ready for a hilarious and spicy journey through Party Fowl, where the heat is turned up, laughter is served, and friendships are tested by the sizzling flavors of Nashville’s iconic dish. Can Dusty and Aaron handle the heat, or will they be left in the fiery aftermath of Poultrygeist? Tune in to find out!

0:00 – Intro

4:15 – Southern Fried

07:11 – Mild

10:45 – Medium

14:20 – Nashville Hot


Stay tuned for more episodes of “Nashville Hot,” hosted by Dusty Slay, where laughter and spice collide in the heart of Music City. Don’t miss Dusty’s new Netflix comedy special, Working Man.

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