April 18, 2024

UNCENSORED: Can Alabama Boss Find A Good Canadian Beer | Craft Brew Review

Enjoy the UNCENSORED cut of Craft Brew Review with deleted scenes not safe for YouTube, and no f%cking bleeps.

Join Alabama Boss as he dons a moose outfit and hilariously taste-tests a variety of Canadian beers, giving his unfiltered Southern take on these northern brews. Alabama Boss dives into the world of Canadian beers, from the strong and spicy to the light and crisp, sharing his candid reactions and favorites in this comedic beer showdown.

Whether it’s a moose-themed brew or a classic lager, he’s on a mission to find the true taste of Canada.

0:00 – Intro

1:11 – La Fin Du Monde

2:41 – Labatt Blue

4:40 – Moosehead Lager

6:18 – Xingu Black Beer

8:24 – Trois Pistoles

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