April 17, 2024

Alabama Boss Conquering Double IPAs | Craft Brew Review

​Alabama Boss is back with a taste test of double IPAs. A double IPA has double hops and malts, which means double the bitterness. Doesn’t sound so great for Alabama Boss, whose distaste for IPAs is legendary. But still, he will taste six different brews and share his thoughts! Even though he’s not feeling optimistic, he’s willing to be proven wrong.

#1: Highgate

​This IPA has 7.8% alcohol and is brewed in Nashville, Tennessee. On first pour, Alabama Boss notices black chunks and a fruity smell. After the taste test, Alabama Boss was surprised! He was expecting the drink to suck, but actually would be willing to drink more of it! His conclusion: he likes it.

#2: Strata Hop

​No strong aroma here but a similar look to the Highgate IPA. From the first sip, it’s easy to tell that Alabama Boss is not a fan of this one. It definitely has the strong bitter taste that is promised in an IPA. It’s a no from Alabama Boss.

#3: Clown Shoes Beer

​This Clown Shoes Space Cake IPA has 9% alcohol. It doesn’t have a strong smell and has a cloudy amber color. Though he had high hopes for this one, it didn’t do the trick. It was really bitter in his mouth, but once he swallowed the beer it was fine! Even though it wasn’t perfect for him, Alabama Boss does feel that this would be a good IPA for craft beer enthusiasts. 

#4: Beef Dipped Beer

​This has 7.5% alcohol and comes from Chicago, Illinois where it is based off of a beef dipped sandwich there. It’s bitter but smooth, and Alabama Boss seems to be a fan. 

#5: Clouded Thoughts

​This IPA has 8.1% alcohol and comes from California. It’s a hazy IPA, which Alabama Boss isn’t thrilled about. After the taste test, Alabama Boss is surprised that he likes it! It really wasn’t as bad as he thought it would have been. 

#6: Edmund’s Oast 

​With 9.5% alcohol and from Charleston, South Carolina, it looks like an IPA in disguise. It has a small aroma and looks clear once it’s been poured. Even though it is dirty, it definitely doesn’t look dirty like the other IPAs. As Alabama Boss says, it’s “Satan in disguise.” However, he doesn’t have to hesitate after taking a sip– this IPA is a winner for him!

​Alabama Boss’s final ranking from favorite to least favorite: 1st Highgate, 2nd Edmund’s Oast, a tie for 3rd between Clouded Thoughts, Beef Dipped Beer, and Clown Shoes Beer, and Strata Hop in last. As someone who doesn’t like IPAs, Alabama Boss was surprised that some of these weren’t as bad as he thought. He would even consider ordering Highgate at a restaurant. Would he buy a pack himself? No, but at least he has two IPAs that he can tolerate and enjoy, Highgate and Edmun’s Oast.

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