May 26, 2024

Alabama Boss’ Mexican Beer Championship Bracket (PART 2) | Craft Brew Review

In this episode of Craft Brew Review, presented by VIAPROMEDS, Alabama Boss samples 8 MORE Mexican Beers, many suggested in the YouTube comments. The winner of today’s episode will then go head to head with the winner from Part 1 to determine the absolute best of the best from Mexico.

In this March Madness style elimination bracket, who will emerge victorious and claim the title of the ultimate Mexican beer? Will it be Boss’ self-proclaimed favorite, Sol?

Did we mention this is a BLIND taste test?

Joining Boss in his quest for the perfect cerveza is Amanda Mertz, who will be keeping a close eye on the action as our referee.

Will your favorite Mexican beer make it to the final round, or will there be some unexpected upsets along the way? Don’t miss out on the excitement – hit that subscribe button for more beer madness!

0:00 – How It’s Going To Work

0:50 – Sol vs. Tecate Light

2:32 – Modelo Negra vs. Dos Equis Ambar

3:19 – Corona Familiar vs. Corona Premier

4:34 – Vicky Chamoy vs. Modelo Chelada

6:08 – Final Four (Round 1)

7:14 – Final Four (Round 2)

8:13 – Part 2 Championship

9:36 – Overtime


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