June 15, 2024

Americans Taste Test Russian MREs

Join Alabama Boss, Ashla Taylor, Amanda Mertz, Zachary Bell, and Erik Bartell in the latest episode of “MREs from Around the World.” In this latest installment, the team dives into the Russian Federation Armed Forces IRP MRE 24-Hour Combat Ration Pack.

Watch as the crew navigates through a range of Russian military delicacies! Will the Russian MRE live up to its reputation, or will it face tough competition from other global contenders? Find out as they taste-test and evaluate each component, sharing their honest and unfiltered reactions. From unexpected ingredients to creative makeshift stovetops, this episode is an entertaining journey into the world of military rations.

So, grab your field spoon and get ready to join the Rated Red crew on their culinary adventure! Will the Russian MRE win the war of flavors? Tune in to find out! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for more MRE taste-tests from around the world on Rated Red.

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