April 17, 2024

Ask a Southern Girl: Tattoos, Man Buns, and Dating Etiquette

​Southern girls Amanda and Ashla are diving into their thoughts on men. Will you agree with their opinions?

#1: Tattoos

​A man covered in tattoos or a full sleeve? Amanda thinks tattoos on a man are so sexy if done right. It depends on the tattoo placement, design, and meaning for her. A stupid design, neck and face tattoos, and strange placement are a no in her opinion. 

​Even though Ashla says she would never get a tattoo, both girls can agree that tattoos can look good depending on the person. Some people can pull off a bunch of tattoos and make them look cool, while the look doesn’t quite work on other people. And even if the tattoos look cool now, the girls wonder about aging and how the tattoos will look when people are elderly. It might not be the best look anymore!

#2: Man Buns

​Ashla didn’t hesitate to say that she hates man buns. Amanda’s thoughts have changed over time. She used to not be a fan, but she’s had a change of heart and they’re starting to grow on her. Both girls, though, share frustrations that a man bun is almost offensive– how do men manage to get such a nice bun? It’s not fair to ladies, and it makes the girls feel almost jealous and angry!

#3: Manicures and Pedicures

​Amanda and Ashla both agree that men getting manicures and pedicures is a little “metrosexual.” Amanda brought up the point that she prefers a man with dirty nails rather than one that is well-groomed– it shows that he’s been working hard. For the girls, there’s nothing sexier than a hard-working man!

​Now, Ashla says if she were to bring a man along with her to get his nails taken care of, then that would be ok. However, if he’s voluntarily going to get his nails done, then that’s where the girls would draw the line. For this one, there’s no clear yes or no answer. They agree that there are exceptions where manicures and pedicures would be fine for men!

#4: Splitting the Bill

​Let’s set the scene: it’s a first date. For Ashla, splitting the bill on a first date is an immediate no. She’s very old school and would expect the man to cover the bill. Amanda agrees! Even if there are no sparks and no plans for a second date, she still thinks that it should be a given that men pay the bill. They understand that some girls are okay with splitting, but for them, they want a good southern man who will take the bill, even after the first date!

​What do you think? Do you agree with Amanda and Ashla’s opinions? They understand that some people might disagree or be offended, but at the end of the day, these are their thoughts!

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