May 27, 2024

BEST & WORST Spicy Meat Sticks | Jerk It with Alabama Boss

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Alabama Boss is diving headfirst into the world of spicy meat sticks! Join him as he takes on some of the hottest contenders in the game and determines which ones are worth the chew and which are downright horrendous.

0:00 – Welcome to “Jerk It”

0:22 – Jack Link’s Flamin’ Hot Meat Stick

0:51 – Slim Jim Monster Size Tabasco Flavored

1:14 – Porter Road Sweet Heat Beef Stick

2:07 – Sweetwood Fatty Jalapeño Smoked Meat Stick

2:47 – Righteous Felon Fiery Habañero Spicy & Smoky

4:20 – Vacadillos Habañero Air Dried Meat Stick

6:25 – Review/Ranking

First up on the tasting table is Jack Links’ Flaming Hot flavored meat stick. But does it live up to its spicy name? Boss takes a bite and delivers his verdict, uncovering the truth about this classic snack.

Next, he tackles the monster-sized Slim Jim Tabasco seasoned stick. Will the Tabasco flavor bring the heat Boss craves? Tune in to find out!

But the real star of the show might just be Porter Road’s Sweet Heat. With high expectations, Boss digs in and discovers a new favorite that might just surprise you.

As the tasting continues, Boss encounters a girthy jalapeño Fatty smoked stick and a Fiery Habanero beef stick from Righteous Felon. Which one will reign supreme as the ultimate spicy delight?

However, not every meat stick can be a winner. Boss encounters a disastrous stick that leaves him questioning its origins and texture. Find out which one earns the dubious title of the worst of the bunch. But fear not, meat stick enthusiasts!

Boss rounds up his top picks, including the mouthwatering favorites that will satisfy your spicy cravings. With plenty more meat sticks to explore, Boss invites you to share your recommendations in the comments below. Like, subscribe, and get ready for your next meaty obsession. Jerk It, baby! 🌶️🔥

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