May 26, 2024

Does California Make ANY Good Beer? | Craft Brew Review

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In today’s episode of Craft Brew Review, Alabama Boss explores a variety of craft beers from California! From the unique flavors of The Bruery’s Just a Twist to the surprising notes of Two Pitchers Brewing’s Radler, Boss takes you on a journey through California’s craft beer scene. With candid reactions and witty commentary, he shares his thoughts on each brew, including Sierra Nevada’s Atomic Torpedo and Lagunita’s Tiki Fusion IPA. Which California brew will come out on top? Watch to find out!

0:00 – California Sober

0:27 – The Bruery – Just A Twist

2:14 – North Coast Brewing – Scrimshaw

3:07 – Sierra Nevada – Atomic Torpedo Imperial IPA

4:02 – Two Pitcher’s Brewing – Radler Lager

5:15 – Lagunitas Brewing – Tiki Fusion Zombie Cocktail IPA

6:56 – North Coast Brewing – Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

7:32 – Rankings & Favorites

7:57 – What State Should We Do Next?

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