July 13, 2024

How To Make a Dining Room Table | Red Hot Building

On this episode of Red Hot Building, Amanda shows you how to make a beautiful hand crafted dining room table. You can find all the supplies you need at your local hardware store!

What you’ll need:

  1. (2) 2″ x 4″ @ 37″
  2. (2) 2″ x 4″ @ 18″
  3. (2) 4″ x 4″ @ 28.5″
  4. (4) 2″ x 8″ @ 4′
  5. Miter Saw
  6. Drill
  7. 120 Grit Sandpaper
  8. Pencil
  9. Tape Measure
  10. 2″ Pocket Hole Screws
  11. Sander
  12. KREG K4 Pocket Hole System
  13. Sanding Block
  14. Shop Rag
  15. Stain
  16. Paint Brush
  17. Polyurethane

The first thing to do is set up your KREG. If you’ve never used one, it comes with easy instructions to follow. Set it up for boards that are one and a half inches thick. On the two two by four boards that are 19 inches long, drill two pocket holes that will attach to the leg on each end.

Mark the center point of the boards at nine and a half inches and then one on each side, seven and one quarter inches from the center mark. These marks will let you know where the cracks of the tabletop will be to make sure you don’t put a screw in the area where there is no board to hold it.

Next, drill three pocket holes between each line and on the two outer areas, drill one hole so that you do not interfere with the pocket holes attaching to the legs. Next, on the 37 inch, two by fours, drill two pocket holes on each end and a total of four pocket holes down the side.

Once you have the pocket holes drilled, it’s time to put the apron of your table together using your two inch pocket hole screws. When you’re laying out your apron, make sure your pocket holes are facing the right way.

Once the apron is together, lay out your tabletops. When you have it positioned the way you’d like, flip the boards upside-down and stain the insides of the boards. This ensures that the cracks in the tabletop are not gonna show the raw wood from the top. Make sure you don’t have any stain dripping down the sides as it will leave marks on the tabletop.

Now that the inside of your boards are stained, make sure the wood is face down so you can put the apron on top. When doing this, make sure your two inch screws are tight, but don’t over tighten them as they can go through the top.

Now that everything is put together, it’s time to sand and stain it. After you finish staining it, make sure to give it ample time to dry. Throw on some coats of polyurethane and finish it off by using a light sanding pad to smooth it out.

Now you’ve got a brand new dining room table to pile your bills or possibly even eat a meal on.

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