June 16, 2024

Jet Suits: From Hollywood to Real Life

Ever dreamed of soaring through the skies like Iron Man? Well, now it’s becoming a reality, thanks to Gravity Industries.

Richard Browning understands this allure of lift-off. He is the founder, CEO, main designer, and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, a jetpack startup. Browning, a 41-year-old with the physique of an endurance athlete, has taken flight thousands of times since launching Gravity three years ago. He has performed live demonstrations in over 30 countries, set Guinness World Records twice, and garnered more than ten million views on YouTube for his daring feats. However, Browning vividly recalls his initial lift-off, which occurred on a farm near his home in Salisbury back in November 2016.

At the time, Browning worked as an oil trader for the petroleum giant BP, leading a stable life at a desk. But Browning has always possessed a penchant for tinkering and pushing boundaries. He participates in ultramarathons, engages in intense bodyweight training known as calisthenics (even performing push-ups while standing on his hands), and served in the Royal Marines Reserve, earning his green beret. At BP, he developed an innovative method of tracking global oil movements using ships’ GPS transponders, which generated £50 million for the company within six months on a budget of £20,000. Maria Vildavskaya, Browning’s former colleague and Gravity’s chief operating officer, describes him as someone who constantly seeks new challenges and undertakes unconventional endeavors.

Jetpack startups find themselves grappling with the same question that plagued them in the 1960s: now that jetpacks exist, what purpose do they serve?

One obvious application is in the military sector. Richard Browning, the founder of Gravity Industries, has received interest from the British armed forces and has participated in various training exercises, demonstrating the suit’s capabilities by landing atop tanks and aircraft carriers. The UK’s Royal Navy and the US Marine Corps are already utilizing these jet suits. These suits provide a new capability on the battle field. They are perfect for surveillance and reconnaissance, helping armed forces gather vital intelligence in hard to read areas. Special operations teams can benefit from the vertical take off and landing, gaining a tactical advantage in urban or mountainous terrains. Jet suits can also play a crucial role in search and rescue missions, especially in harsh and remote environments. They enable rapid response, allowing for quick access to injured individuals or those in danger.

Gravity Industries is revolutionizing the way we approach emergencies and saving lives in the process.

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