May 26, 2024

Slim Jims vs. Tootsie Rolls | Battle of the Baits

While many fishers prefer to use traditional live bait and lures, on this episode of Battle of the Baits, we tested out using Slim Jims and Tootsie Rolls.

Slim Jims are a popular meat snack that is high in protein and fat. They have a strong odor that can be attractive to fish, particularly those that are carnivorous. Tootsie Rolls, on the other hand, are a candy that is sweet and chewy, and they can be used to mimic the movement of insects in the water. In this episode of Battle of the Baits, the Slim Jim was victorious with Ashla catching a “big ole” catfish! Better luck next time, Luke.

Red Hot Disclaimer: it is important to note that using these items as bait is not legal in all states or bodies of water, so it is essential to check with local regulations before attempting to use them.

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