October 02, 2023

DIY Planter Box

Join Amanda Mertz as she crafts an incredible DIY “planter box” in our latest Red Hot Building Planter Episode! This comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of handmade charm to their garden or patio. Heres what you will need: First, cut all of your wood. Out of the […]

Bowhead Whales: Longevity and Cancer Resistance through DNA Repair

Bowhead whales, known to live for over 200 years, have shown an exceptional ability to repair damaged DNA, a trait that could explain their longevity and resistance to cancer. These marine mammals, found near the northern tip of Alaska, have intrigued scientists with their impressive lifespan and large body size. The bowhead whale, Balaena mysticetus, […]

The Unexpected Arrival of Grubby, the Opossum, in Alaska

Opossum in the snow

In March, an opossum, later named Grubby, unexpectedly arrived in Homer, Alaska, causing a stir among the local community. This marsupial, native to the lower 48 states, was not a common sight in Alaska and raised concerns about potential threats to native species. Grubby was first spotted on Grubstake Avenue, leading to her nickname. Despite […]

First-Ever Case of Rabid Moose in Alaska: A Rare and Unsettling Discovery

Rabid Moose

In a first-of-its-kind incident, a moose displaying signs of rabies was found in the small community of Teller, western Alaska. The animal, which was seen stumbling, drooling excessively, and acting aggressively towards people, was euthanized shortly after its discovery on June 2nd. The moose was found to be unbalanced and had patches of bare skin. […]