April 17, 2024

Think You Could Win In A Fight Against These Animals?

Rated Red’s Alabama Boss and Amanda Mertz recently sat down to discuss a fascinating survey conducted by YouGov, which asked Americans which animals they could beat in a fight. The results were surprising, to say the least.

According to the survey, the majority of Americans are confident that they could take on a rat (72%), a house cat (69%), and a goose (61%) in a fight. However, a significant number of respondents, between 17-24%, felt they would lose in a struggle with these creatures, with the rest unsure.

Alabama Boss, for one, is confident he could beat a rat with a “rear naked choke” followed by a simple “ground and pound.” Boss wouldn’t seek out an unarmed fight with a lion, but he would deploy a simple maneuver to ensure the big cat’s defeat (hint: “twist the sack”).

The survey also found that only 49% of Americans were confident that they could take on a medium-sized dog, and this confidence dropped significantly when it came to larger dogs, with only 23% thinking they could beat a large dog in a fight.

The survey’s results also highlighted a significant gender difference when it came to some animals. For instance, while one in five men thought they could beat a chimpanzee (22%) or a king cobra (23%) in a fight, only 8-12% of women felt the same way.

Interestingly, there was little gender difference when it came to the top tier of opponents, such as grizzly bears, lions, gorillas, and elephants, with both men and women being about as (un)likely to think they could beat them.

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