May 26, 2024

UNCENSORED: Alabama Boss Tries Japanese Beers

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Alabama Boss is back taste testing Japanese beer on the latest edition of Craft Brew Review. He’s going from classics like Sapporo to wild imports like a ginger beer and an IPA from Japan’s first ever micro brewery. Stick around to find out why there’s an IMPOSTER beer in the mix and watch Boss funnel his favorite Japanese beer out of this epic eagle freedom funnel.

0:00 – Intro

1:50 – Sapporo

2:28 – Real Ginger Brew

3:31 – Sushi Palate Cleanser

4:40 – Orion Okinawa’s Craft The Draft

6:00 – Kirin Premium Beer (THE IMPOSTER)

7:31 – Suiyoubi No Neko Belgian Style White Ale

8:34 – Japan’s First Micro-brewery Flying IPA

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