July 12, 2024

UNCENSORED: Santa Boss’s Christmas Beer Extravaganza: Part 2! | Craft Brew Review

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Santa Boss is back with another round of holiday cheer in Part 2 of the Craft Brew Review: Christmas Edition! Join Santa Boss as he fearlessly tackles six more Christmas beers, sharing his uncensored thoughts and hilarious reactions.

Featured Beers:

0:27 – Breckenridge Christmas Ale: Santa Boss kicks off the festivities with Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale. Does it deliver the holiday spirit, or is it a miss for the man in red?

1:02 – 21st Amendment Fireside Chat Winter Ale: Fireside Chat promises warmth with spices and cocoa nibs. Does it live up to the expectations, or is it a chilly reception?

1:25 – Santa’s Butt Winter Porter: A beer with Santa’s posterior on the label? Santa Boss dives into this cheeky brew, revealing whether it’s a jolly good time or a lump of coal.

2:27 – Saint Bernard Christmas Ale: From Belgium, this strong ale features a mysterious character on the label. Will it impress Santa Boss, or will it be added to the naughty list?

3:30 – Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve: Santa Boss encounters Rogue again, this time with a toffee chocolate stout. Is it a delightful treat or a risky venture?

4:59 – Prairie Christmas Bomb Imperial Stout: The Christmas Bomb promises a flavor explosion with spices. Will Santa Boss find it delightful or explosive in all the wrong ways?

Who Takes the Crown? Santa Boss declares a winner for the ultimate Christmas beer, revealing which brew earns the coveted title. From dark stouts to spicy ales, find out which one sleighs the competition.

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Santa Boss Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Hoppy New Year!

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