April 17, 2024

How To Make a Pallet Coffee Cup Holder | Red Hot Building

On this episode of Red Hot Building, Amanda builds a super cool and rustic pallet coffee cup holder. This could be a super fun addition that adds some character to your kitchen space. Be sure to watch the video as you follow along with the step by step process below! What you’ll need: First, you’ll […]

How to Smoke a Pork Butt with Peg Leg Porker

A pork butt is a true staple of all American barbecue, and Carey Bringle from Peg Leg Porker is here to show us how to smoke a beautiful butt. You can find the recipe below and hundreds of others in his cookbook, BBQ For Dummies. Be sure to check out the video for more tips […]

Redneck Vocabulary With Alabama Boss

Here’s a run down of redneck vocabulary with Alabama Boss: Down The Road a Piece: A place that is located at least 5 miles from your location. Over Yonder: A place that is in the same small rural area of your location. It’s Raining Like Pouring Piss Outta a Boot, It’s Raining Like a Cow […]

Alabama Boss Tries IPAs | Craft Brew Reviews

On this episode of Craft Brew Reviews, Alabama Boss tries IPA beers. IPA (India Pale Ale) is a popular beer style that originated in England in the 18th century. It is known for its bold and bitter taste, as well as its high alcohol content. Traditionally, IPA beers were made with extra hops, which were […]

Here’s What Happened When We Tried Fishing With Chicken Nuggets

While some may argue chicken nuggets wouldn’t be a great bait for catching fish, Abby Casey proves you can catch a “big ole” catfish using this method. That’s right, chicken nuggets can be a surprisingly successful bait for catching fish, especially for species like catfish, carp, and bass. Here’s why: When using chicken nuggets as […]

Alabama Boss Tries Sam Adams’ $200 Utopias Beer | Craft Brew Reviews

In this episode of Craft Brew Reviews, Alabama Boss tries Samuel Adams’ one-of-a-kind Utopias beer. This beer has become synonymous with innovation, craftsmanship, and excellence in the world of beer brewing. Unlike any other beer, Utopias is not just a beverage; it’s an experience. This beer has been aged in various barrels for years, resulting […]

Slim Jims vs. Tootsie Rolls | Battle of the Baits

While many fishers prefer to use traditional live bait and lures, on this episode of Battle of the Baits, we tested out using Slim Jims and Tootsie Rolls. Slim Jims are a popular meat snack that is high in protein and fat. They have a strong odor that can be attractive to fish, particularly those […]